I Was Misdiagnosed. 3 Times. In 1 Year.

Winter 2006/07. I'd just turned 18 years old. In college about 10 hours away. Living out my dream of playing soccer after high school. When I'd experienced the worst pain of my life that wasn't from an injury. I've had several broken bones, torn ligaments, and bumps and bruises, this was different. In my abdomen, off to the side, I felt sharp pain that literally brought me to my knees. I was alone.

As a player there was a staff of physicians and trainers that I could reach out to and I did. I was given off brand pink Pepto Bismol in a disposable tube by one of the athletic trainers. I lived off that stuff for weeks to no avail.

Then it happened again. This time I was taken to the ER. After being there for hours I'm told it was indigestion and to eat a bland diet of rice, mashed potatoes, corn, and wheat bread. Mind you, I'm on a meal plan, using my swipes, eating cafeteria trash ... I mean food, practicing everyday and going to classes.