How do you Woosahhh?

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

There are times I used to slip into a slight depression and it was hard to get out of. Most days I'm solo dolo and I miss out on that human interaction. So don't feel no kinda way if I Facetime you, I just need to see a face! Either way I'm nonstop busy by myself or out working the field with little time for myself and to process things such as sadness, madness, or stress. It usually hits my Friday night and Saturday I low key freak out and anxiety sets in.

I always struggled with coping with disappointment well into my 20's. It hit a head when my grandmother died, for 6 months I never cried. But low and behold right in middle of my senior year of college it hit me, and I caved to the pressure.

I almost failed out of college, I was ready to drop out, my life was in complete and utter emotional shambles. For the sake of me not liking to write novels lets skip to 2018 where I now know how to accept pain, disappointments, and set backs. For starters, God is good (all the time), secondly I found personal strength and my inner G. This wasn't easy and hasn't happened over night, I'm still learning to be patient.

Since I'm on my transparent wave, I've decided to share all your responses to the question I asked on Instagram!

So here's the list YOU guys came up with!

1. My songwriting and studio sessions are my therapy and my passion.

2. Not sure if you're a big reader but I just read "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck" by Mark Manson & I would def recommend it to you.

3. Take it all in - the gift & the curse of it,  it's all apart of the process. Struggle makes the goal even sweeter once you get through it and still achieve it!

4. Workout, food, runs outside in the park are the best. Did I mention food? And sometimes just saying F it. And binging on Netflix shows.

5. Pure Barre and pizza doll!

6. Drink a healthy level of fuck it everyday with your water. Seriously, what I mean is when things are not going exactly how you want or maybe something is just wayyyyy off simply say fuck it and move on. I've learned that when I do this it helps me not waste time on something that just ain't clicking right and helps me focus on creating something that will. That something is just a small piece of the larger project.

7. Work out and Pray.

8. It's ALL a process I just remember that every step that I take AND every set back is still going to put me in the right direction if I have a positive outlook on it. BTW I drink like 6 bottles of water a day lmao so keep drinking water!

9. Wine. Lots of wine!

10. Cannabinoids!

11. I write. I keep a journal and when I'm sad I write. When I'm happy I write. When I'm angry I write and it really does help. I feel like talking to people, they'll listen and give you their opinions but sometimes that's not always best. When I write down the deepest feelings and talk to God It Helps me through a lot!

12. Simply put, count it ALL joy! Learning to find beauty in hardships and the struggle to better oneself changes the whole paradigm. All of what you described should result in growth and wisdom in some capacity - embrace the process, maintain your joy at all costs, and continue to vibrate higher!

13. Smoke weed. lol

14. It probably isn't the best solution, but I spend the majority of my free time alone. It really allows me the time to think and figure out what the next move is. Just being around people can sometimes stand in the way of that.

15. Girl life is skresssssful. I always feel like I have a million tabs open on a computer (but in my brain). I have to disconnect at times, meditate, just BE STILL. I heard exercising helps.

I'm so humbled by all the responses, even the illegal ones! More importantly, I hope that you guys can gain something insightful from someone else! Look this lil community I'm trying to create!

Let's Ball Out

Ray B.